Extended License Upgrade

Extended License Upgrade

from 20.00

With this Extended License Upgrade, you may use Julie Mogford Design products in your Extended Commercial designing projects as described below. You may purchase multiple licenses if needed for multiple digital products.

Please make sure you have read the FULL license rights and prohibitions, on the Terms of Use page before you purchase this license.

Extended License use OK:

  • Products (print at home or 3rd party printing) intended for sale.
    • ex: stationery, clothing, paper-crafting supplies, home accessories
  • Graphic elements for templates and editable by the end-user, intended for sale.
    • includes website templates
  • Graphic elements used for products intended for sale through print-on-demand websites.
  • Create end products that are used for business purposes or intended for sale
    • ex: advertising, promotions, packaging, etc.
  • Logos and print materials, intended for sale, where the image is incorporated into the whole design and not used by itself. 
  • LIMIT: Can be manufactured / sold up to 2500 copies.

Purchase Options:

  • $20 CU4CU per image for Custom WEBSITE
  • $50 CU4CU per image for Custom LOGO
  • $150CU4CU per Digital Product PKG


If you are unsure of which license you need, please contact me with your intended use of the specific product. There are no refunds for license purchases. Corporate or Custom Licensing or inquiries regarding additional use, please contact me.

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